The Bully Problem Solver:

Advice from a School Counselor

Jenny Rankin is a National Certified Counselor and holds a masters degree in Counseling and an additional masters degree in Elementary and Middle School Counseling from Georgia State University.  She has helped many targets, bullies, and their families in the Georgia Public School System.  Mrs. Rankin lives with her husband and son in Atlanta, Georgia.



Being a bully’s target can be very frightening.  What can you do?  It’s hard to solve a problem when you’re feeling scared, angry, embarrassed, and alone.  The Bully Problem Solver offers students and parents several strategies to stop a bully.  Mrs. Rankin gives an honest approach to handling many different types of bullies while encouraging the development of coping skills.  The “Bully Worksheet” provides a simple framework for solving your problem while describing critical information that adults in your life – at home and at school – will need to help you. 

Start reading today and learn about:

  • Different types of bullies and targets
  • How to relax and stay in control
  • Ways to stand up to a bully
  • How to get the help you need
  • Other students’ experiences
  • How to work with your school to solve your problem
  • Anti-bullying school pledges
  • Ways parents can help – not hurt – the situation



Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Bullying?
    1. Traditional definitions
    2. Alternative definitions
    3. Target’s feelings/concerns
  3. Are You an Easy Target?
    1. Common characteristics
    2. Student examples
  4. Try Ignoring It.
  5. “Keep Your Cool” Strategies
    1. Deep breathing
    2. Talk to yourself.
    3. Distract yourself.
    4. Relax your body.
    5. Get a comeback line.
    6. Buddy up.
    7. Use your imagination.
    8. Keep a journal.
  6. Stand Up for Yourself.
    1. Misunderstandings
    2. Communicating with I-Messages
    3. Problem solving
    4. Differences between a confident person and an easy target
  7. Tell a Trusted Adult.
  8. Be a Good Citizen.
  9. Advice for Parents
    1. Remain calm.
    2. Be respectful of your child’s feelings and situation.
    3. Developing an anti-bullying action plan
    4. Practice “Keep Your Cool” strategies, role playing, and I-Messages.
    5. Follow up

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